Estuary Trust.jpg"Mother of all Clean ups" event Saturday, 7 May 2022. Date is confirmed. This will be our 6th year of collecting rubbish from our city water ways.


"Mother of all Clean ups" event Saturday, 8 May 2021 results.

On the 'eve of Mother's Day' 43 community groups (approx 1009 volunteers) plus 20 schools (approx 1300 children) united  to participate in the cleaning up of our river banks and estuary edge.  

A total of 519 rubbish bags of carelessly discarded rubbish was collected amounting to 2.6 Tonnes in weight.  PLUS 146 dog poo piles!   Just over half the amount of rubbish was food and drink packaging!

Great that so many people cared enough to collect this rubbish but very sad that so many people feel its OK to drop rubbish in the first place. But we can not let the litterbugs win this one!  We can all help prevent these items from entering our waterways by joining our "HIGH FIVE" campaign. Check the gutter in front of your home or your neighbourhood for 5 pieces of rubbish and dispose of it. When you are walking along any waterway, can you pick op just 5 items to take home and dispose of properly?   Imagine if every household did just that!!! We would not have any litter entering our waterways at all. 

This  event is jointly organised by the Estuary Trust, the Avon/Otakaro River Network, the Opawaho/Heathcote Network, EOS Ecology, Conservation Volunteers NZ, Drinkable Rivers,  Cassells tannery and City Care.

The event is supported by Christchurch City Council, the RATA foundation and Environment Canterbury. The success of this annual event is thanks to  all our fabulous caring and enthusiastic volunteers who turn out on the day for this messy task.

Photo; top; Litter collection Linwood Ave cnr Humphreys Drive

Photo bottom;  Eugene Sage joining Joy Talbot from Forest and Bird group and Cashmere Rotary members at Lower Heathcote river collecting rubbish.

Estuary Trust.jpg  Eugene Sage - Yoy Talbot F and B Garder City Rotary club.jpg