Estuary Trust.jpgThe annual "Mother of all Clean ups" event Saturday, 13 May 2023  

Our gift to Mother Nature on Mothers' day weekend; collecting carelessly discarded rubbish from her water ways.

Some 40 community groups and a number of school groups will again be clearing our waterway edges of littered items. 

On 7 May 2022

An amazing turnout of 656 volunteers repsenting 44 community groups filled 376 rubbish bags, picked up 267 large items too big for the bags from our rivers, estuary, beach and harbour.  A total weight of 5kg's under 2 Tonnes!

 WHAT CAN WE DO ALL YEAR ROUND?  Join our 'HIGH FIVE, I can pick up FIVE" campaign. Check your gutters, local park or go for a walk along the road and collect just  5 pieces of litter!  This will prevent it from entering the stormwater drains and eventually in our waterways. IMAGINE if only 5,000 residents would do this!  It could mean 25,000 pieces of litter collected! BE sure to wear gloves, collect litter in a bag and dispose of in your red bin. WASH your hands afterwards. And if you want to collect more then FIVE?  You are a HERO.  O

Lets show the rest of NZ how its done! 

This  event is jointly organised by the Estuary Trust, the Avon/Otakaro River Network, the Opawaho/Heathcote Network, 'Healthy Harbours', Conservation Volunteers NZ,  Cassells tannery, Sustainable Coastlines NZ  and City Care.

The event is supported by Christchurch City Council, the RATA foundation and Environment Canterbury. The success of this annual event is thanks to  all the fabulous caring and enthusiastic volunteers who turn out on the day for this messy task.


" weight.  PLUS 146 dog poo piles!   Just over half the amount of rubbish was food and drink packaging!

Photo; top; Litter collection Linwood Ave cnr Humphreys Drive

Photo bottom;  Eugene Sage joining Joy Talbot from Forest and Bird group and Cashmere Rotary members at Lower Heathcote river collecting rubbish.

Estuary Trust.jpg  Eugene Sage - Yoy Talbot F and B Garder City Rotary club.jpg