Lobb, A. (2009). Ngāi Tahu participation and relationship with Te Ihutai and the Avon-Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust. Mahaanui Kurataiao Ltd.

Historically, Te Ihutai Estuary was an extensive and highly valued mahinga kai area for Ngāi Tahu. However, sewage, stormwater, and wastewater discharge into the estuary from Christchurch City has utterly degraded its cultural and ecological values. In its management plans, the Avon-Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust sets visions and supporting goals for a healthy estuary through the restoration of natural values. Many of these goals reflect Tangata Whenua interests in Te Ihutai, including a target to restore mahinga kai values. The Estuary Trust therefore has an important role in rebuilding the relationship between Te Ihutai and Ngāi Tahu through their estuary advocacy, enhancement and restoration programmes, and their engagement with Ngāi Tahu.

This report was written by Mahaanui Kurataiao Ltd in 2009 and commissioned by the Estuary Trust to identify the broad priorities and interests of Tangata Whenua regarding projects in Te Ihutai, broaden the Trust’s relationship with Tangata Whenua, and grow Tangata Whenua participation. The purpose of the report was to guide and support the Trust to strengthen their relationship with Ngāi Tahu Rūnanga, identify Tangata Whenua priorities for the work of the Estuary Trust, identify possible annual Tangata Whenua projects in the estuary, make recommendations for priorities and future projects, and confirm Rūnanga support for engagement and project recommendations. A number of Tangata Whenua priorities and recommendations for the Estuary Trust were identified and are listed in the report.

Ngāi Tahu Participation - 2009

Ngāi Tahu Participation & Relationship - Lobb 2009