Annual 'Farewell to the Godwits" ceremony

This is a ceremony to wish the Godwits a safe journey back to Alaska which is their breeding ground.
To escape the harsh Alaskan winters the Godwits fly some 12.000 km non-stop to spend our summer here with us.
Every year in September we wait with anticipation for between 1500 and 2000 birds to make it safely back to our estuary. In March each year they get ready again for the long journey back to Alaska which will take them several weeks as they stop in wetlands around the Yellow Sea to refuel before continuing to Alaska. A truly amazing feat by such small birds.
We meet at Southshore Spit Reserve from where we can see the birds up- close before they leave.

$0 Date for 2024 not yet determined Southshore Spit Reserve (end of Rockinghorse Road - Southshore)
Look out for the date which will be promoted 2 months before the event.

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2023 saw our 25th year of this ceremony where 552 members of the public came to wish the birds a safe journey.
We plan the dates every year based on when there is a high tide in the estuary which brings the Godwits close to the shore when the islands where they normally roost are flooded.

This happens in  late February or early March to ensure we can see the birds before they leave during suitable winds to help them make a good start of the journey. This can bed  anytime in the first 2 weeks of March.


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