the annual "Mother of all Cleanups" litter clean up 2024

Saturday, 11 May 2024, on Mothers' day weekend we give Mother Nature our gift by cleaning up her waterways from carelessly discarded rubbish the day before Mothers day.

We do this on the day before Mothers Day when community groups encourage their members to spend just 2 hours between 10 and noon to collect litter from their allocated stretch of a waterway. The general public are invited to join groups at 3 different areas. ONE; Meet at 0945 in front of the New Brighton Library where sustainable Coastlines Group will lead the clean up. TWO; Meet at Ferrymead golfclub carpark where Forest and Bird will lead there or THREE; Meet at Naval Point in Lyttelton where Conservation Volunteers NZ will lead.
From 5 groups in the inaugural event in 2015 the event has grown to in 2023, 56 community groups and several school student groups collected 2.3 tonnes of rubbish. This was then properly disposed of by City Care Ltd staff. There were as many as 466 bags of rubbish and 187 large items (which did not fit in bags) collected. Sadly in addition to the litter 310 dog poo piles on the water edges were counted as well. Shame that some dog owners do not realize how disgusting this is to people trying to enjoy a walk along our waterways not how this adds to pollution of water in waterways. Apart from being unsightly, many small littered items are mistaken for food and ingested by fish, birds, and once having floated into our oceans by whales, turtles and dolphins.
The PickUp5 campaign support this event by encouraging everyone to just pick up 5 littered items whenever you go outside for a walk of just check your gutter!
The aim of the event is to encourage other cities to do the same and make this an annual and nationwide event..

$0 2024 event - Saturday, 11 May
Between 10am and 12 noon
Along the entire Avon and Heathcote Rivers, Lyttelton Harbour Basin, Beaches, Estuary edge, Parks and school grounds

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Community groups have ‘adopted’ allocated stretches of our estuary and rivers to clean up.

General public can help by attending the clean up at Sumner and New Brighton beaches OR look in front of your homes and check the gutters for litter. Pick it up before it enters the storm water system and from there into our waterways.

Think; “High Five, pick up Five”.

If we all picked up 5 items everytime we go for a walk there would not be ANY litter!!!

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